Organic Berries Born Under the Midnight Sun.

​Haskap ​Plants

​​Our current offerings are limited to Jam, and fresh & frozen berries, but stay tuned because we have a number of other exciting products in development.​

​​Yukon Berry Farms
About Us

We believe in organic, sustainable farming. In 2014, we founded the Yukon Berry Growers Association to promote, educate, and grow the berry industry in the Yukon.

​​​The Haskap are healthy and delicious berries that contains extremely high levels of Vitamin C and Antioxidants. They are well suited to organic production due to their natural pest and disease resistance, extreme tolerance and adaptability to a range of climatic and soil conditions, minimal fertility requirements, and ease of maintenance.

Haskaps grow exceptionally well in the Yukon. Some attribute this to the extended daylight hours the far north experiences in the summer months, others say it's the incomparable clean air. Haskaps in the Yukon tend to grow larger and produce more berries per plant than most other jurisdictions.

Interested in joining the Haskap revolution? We propagate and sell a number of varieties that all thrive in the Yukon.

What are Haskaps?

​Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada​

​​​We are Yukon’s largest organic berry farm, with close to 50 acres planted in the pristine Takhini River Valley, and more acres planned for 2018. Our primary focus and passion are Haskaps, which are dark blue in colour, naturally delicious and full of vitamins and antioxidants. The flavour of the Haskap is best described as a cross between a blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant.

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